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What's in the Shere Khan Name?

This coffee owes its name to the famous tiger that’s native to the island of Sumatra and roams the forests and mountains around Aceh Tengah, at the northern tip of the Indonesian Island.

The Ketiara Cooperative

The Ketiara cooperative - meaning success in the local Gayo language – produces an extremely high quality Sumatran organic coffee thanks to the Gayo Highlands' rich, volcanic soil and elevations between 1,200-1,500 meters, creating ideal coffee growing conditions.

The cooperative is also made up of 90% women, boasting more than 900 small scale producers who each own around half a hectare which is why this coffee carries the Women in Coffee’ mark. It truly is a woman-led group in Sumatra’s male-dominated coffee industry.

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The Shere khan coffee is harvested in 8 neighbouring villages located in Aceh Tengah at between 1200 and 1500 metres altitude.

A first harvest is made between September and November and a second in March and April. All coffees from this cooperative are 100% traceable and are exclusively from farms with an organic certification.

The estates are located in an area which combines mountains and tropical forests which allow the coffee plants to grow under the shade of avocado and orange trees.

  • Grade: Shere khan is a grade 1 coffee
  • Species: Arabica
  • Varietal: Catimor & Typica
  • Altitude: 1200 - 1500 m
  • Harvest period: September to November
  • Cherry process: Semi washed - The cherries are pulped and dry fermented for 8 hours
  • Drying process: Wet hulled on African beds - Parchment is removed between 30-40% humidity. The Wet hulled method is a traditional drying process in Indonesia. The parchment is removed at a high humidity level, over 16%, then dried green, which gives the bean a bright blue color.

The Gayo region - Aceh, Sumatra

The Gayo Mountains are located in the Aceh region on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. This land combining mountains and tropical forests has a lush flora that offers natural shade to the coffee trees: mimosas, pines, cedars and endemic tropical species. Monkeys, birds, reptiles, elephants and the famous Sumatran tigers roam the forests here too.


What is the Women in Coffee' mark?

Our Sumatran Shere Khan coffee is one of 3 Advent coffees carrying the 'Women in Coffee' mark that aims to positively recognise and promote the extensive role women play in the cooperatives.

Indeed, women play a vital role in specialty coffee sector, generally representing more than 70% of the labour force in the fields, harvesting, sorting the grains among other activities.

However, only 10% of them are entrepreneurs and only 20% are landowners (including joint ownership with their spouses).

But research shows increasing the income of women producers has a direct and positive impact on the education of children and wider community benefits so you can imagine how beneficial it is that the Ketiara cooperative is made up of 90% women.

Your support helps us support this wonderful coffee that has so many more benefits than just a great tasting cuppa!

This video showcases some of the owners and members thanks to Colectivo Coffee