The Power Of Great Office Coffee Solutions

Rather than just fuel, providing staff and colleagues, not to mention customers, with ethically sourced coffee with incredible sustainability credentials is an investment that will reap huge rewards. Here’s why:

A Happy Team is a More Productive Team

Increase Productivity

"Far from a waste of time, regular breaks at the strategically placed coffee machine will promote an energetic social environment and boost workforce wellness. So recognize your team’s efforts by rewarding them with delicious coffee and they’ll reward you right back with productivity and ‘light bulb’ moments” according to Blue Goose Founder Nick Ratsey.

Environmentally sustainable companies are more attractive employers

Sustainability Over Salary

IBM found 71% of employees said environmentally sustainable companies are more attractive employers and nearly half would accept a lower salary to work for such organisations.

Treat Customers to Speciality Coffee

First Impressions Win Contracts

A spoonful of sugar to offset that bitter pile of instant coffee is not the medicine when it comes to impressing customers. Instead, treat them to a speciality espresso from Blue Goose’s range of compostable pods or serve up a freshly ground brew of their Flight House Coffee and you’ll exceed expectations from the start.

Blue Goose

Office Coffee Solutions

So there you have it. Quality coffee really does punch above its weight so now is the perfect time to upgrade your office brews and be on your way to a happy workforce as well as fast-tracking your own corporate sustainability goals thanks to our own ethical sourcing approach and extensive sustainability credentials.

More reasons to invest in great coffee

Why great coffee can help boost performance at work

Whether you’re welcoming clients to your office on a regular basis or just craving better coffee at work for you and your team, you should “banish the gold blend and upgrade your office coffee for the sake of your team, clients and the planet!”

That’s the mission of Blue Goose Coffee’s Nick Ratsey, and he’s got a point. Afterall, a recent survey by Glassdoor found that nearly 3 in 5 employees consider benefits and perks at work as highly important and Deloitte found 9 in 10 believe that, rather than just financial performance, corporate success should also be measured by environmental commitments.

As fellow coffee lovers, we have to agree and thought it was high time we caught up with what Blue Goose are up to as they continue to win awards for their compostable pods and pouches filled with ethically sourced, speciality grade coffees.

“The other day an office coffee customer of ours made me chuckle when she said ‘Life begins after coffee’. It’s such a true reflection of how we approach our coffee here in the UK, but there’s so much more to coffee than a simple pick-me-up” said Nick.

 In a parting shot, Nick added: “If there are two things that Covid-19 has taught us, it’s that simple, everyday gestures and kindness are more important than ever and that people are far more environmentally focused too, and that includes employees as they are consumers too!”