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Hotel & Hospitality Coffee Solutions

Our hospitality-focussed Eco Coffee Solutions allows us to cater to any of your needs, from whole bean espresso offerings to in-room sustainable coffee pod solutions & expertise.

Our formidable environmental and ethical credentials mean you’ll not only exceed guest expectations, but you will also be reinforcing your own sustainability credentials and, we hope, feel proud that you’re ultimately helping showcase the coffee that our growers have crafted with real skill.

Sustainable & Ethical ~ We’ve been at the forefront of compostable coffee capsules since 2017 so know just how much a premium coffee experience can delight your guests. As well as our exceptional coffees, our eco capsules also help you reassure guests that you’re taking sustainability and ethical sourcing seriously.

Instead of 200-500 years that aluminium and plastic capsules take to breakdown in landfill, our plastic-free, wood bark capsules turn into compost or liquid fertilizer when disposed of via food waste streams. For hotels and operations with well managed kitchen gardens & grounds, our capsules offer the ultimate closed-loop waste system.

> Loose, boxed and white label capsule formats available

> Coloured capsule rings & shelf life ensure housekeeping ease

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