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Blue Goose Coffee Founder Nick Ratsey

Exceptional Coffee With A Conscience

We've created the ultimate Nespresso® compatible compostable coffee pod range. Far from opting for plastic and Aluminium coffee pods in the hunt for profits, our exceptional, award-winning plastic free and compostable coffee pods prove just how good coffee pods should taste.

While big brands shun green technology and materials to protect margins and shareholder payouts, we are focussed on protecting the people, the coffee and the biodiversity in the fields and forests in which our coffees are grown.

By actively embracing green materials and technology too, Blue Goose is the ultimate proof that small businesses like ours are the creators & drivers of change, so follow the Blue Goose to a new kind of company.

Purpose-Driven Business

Our founding principles

Ethically Just.
Sustainably Good.
Exceptional Coffee.

These three founding principles are at the heart of everything we do in our pursuit of creating exceptional, award-winning coffee with a conscience.

This is why we've always taken a different path to our competitors and big corporates by putting people and the planet first, before profits.


We wanted to match our eco-credentials with the finest capsule coffee experience, so naturally only source speciality-grade coffees, for which we pay our smallholder farming cooperatives and growers a premium beyond the Fairtrade Minimum Price.

This greater income ensures our growers and their communities thrive into the future and continually develop sustainable farming practices that help nurture local biodiversity.

From Bird-friendly coffees to choosing coffee from farmers embracing Biodynamic farming pracices, sip by sip you are helping us create positive change in the coffee industry and ensure environmentally sound pracices become to norm.

We’re not naïve enough to think coffee farming has no impact on the environment though so, beyond sourcing Organic-grown coffees, we’re also working with WellWishers Ethiopia and the Bale Mountain Conservation Project to support and protect local ecosystems, wildlife habitats and the prosperity of those living in our coffee origins.

We can’t do it without you though so with every purchase of Blue Goose Coffee you’re not only choosing the finest capsule coffee experience but you’re also doing your bit, helping us ensure these fantastic projects and charities can continue to do theirs!


PLASTIC FREE & Aluminium Free coffee pods & Pouches

Aluminium is hearalded as 'eco-friendly' because it can be recycled, but look 'up' the supply chain and you'll see that it relies on agressive bauxite extraction out of the ground with high impact on local and workers, before being refined into Aluminium at massive carbon and emission costs.

Meanwhile, plastic coffee pods rely on crude oil and can't be recycled so are little environmental bombs that will exist on our planet for centuries.

Far from trying to be dramatic, this is reality and exactly why we created an easy plastic free swap for coffee pod drinkers with our plastic-free and compostable Nespresso® compatible pods. They start life as a waste product and are created using renewable energy so their environmental and carbon footprint is a fraction of Aluminium coffee pods or plastic coffee capsules.

Our ground coffee and whole bean coffee pouches are also certified compostable so contain no petroleum-derived or aluminium lined materials.


Award Winning Coffee

Which? Mag 'Best Buy' ~ Great Taste Awards ~ Indy Best Award....We consciously set out to match our eco-credentials with the finest tasting ethical and speciality coffees, with our Which? Magazine ‘Best Buy’ accolade and 2-Star Great Taste Award proving we’ve succeeded.

The result is proof of just how good capsule coffee should taste with no plastic or Aluminium in sight and at least 10% more coffee than a standard Nespresso® coffee capsule.



Carbon Neutral Coffee

We wanted Blue Goose Coffee to be proof that small businesses really are at the heart of creating positive change, but tree planting alone is not enough so we actively go beyond this by also supporting projects that have positive climate, community and biodiversity impacts.

That's why we’re investing in Climeworks, who remove carbon dioxide from the air in real-time, thanks to their carbon dioxide removal technology, before storing it deep underground where it mineralizes to stone permanently. Find out more and sign up here to remove 1 kg of CO₂ in your name for free!

So far we’ve also offset more than 60 tonnes of CO2e and paid for the planting of thousands of trees thanks to our multi year partnership with Ecologi - find out more here and if you sign up you'll receive 30 sparkly trees - Ecologi.

Business Impact

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