Homeware items made from upcycled hessian coffee sacks

Our Eco Homeware Collection

As a coffee roaster we go through a large number of coffee sacks each year and wanted to come up with a way they could be reused and given a second life. Thus was born our Eco Homeware collection - a range of homeware items made from repurposed hessian coffee sacks.

The collection includes bean bags and cushion covers perfect for adding a rustic touch to any living space, as well as stylish bags that serve as a statement piece for the eco-conscious shopper. Each piece will carry the story of its origin, designed to blend seamlessly into modern living spaces while maintaining its unique character.

By giving these hessian sacks a new lease of life, we're not just creating homeware; we're making a statement about the importance of sustainability and the power of innovative thinking. It's a reflection of our commitment to not only minimising our environmental impact but also inspiring a more thoughtful approach to the resources we consume and dispose of in our daily lives.

Pre-Order Campaign

Ordering from our Homeware Range

All items in our homeware collection are handmade to order, which is why we handle orders through monthly pre-order campaigns. Orders can be made through the month and we then produce all ordered items at the end of the month at the same time.

At the beginning of each month a new pre-order campaign starts, which then runs until the end of the month, at which time that month's ordering window closes and all items will then be made to order.

Item creation time will take approximately 10-14 days after which orders will then be despatched meaning you will receive you order approximately 20 days after the end of the pre-order campaign.