Our Organic Swiss Water Coffee Pods

This is part of our blog series bringing to life the organic coffees in our Nespresso-compatible Eco Coffee Pod Advent Calendar, featuring entirely plastic free and home compostable coffee pods.
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UK's first Swiss Water Decaf Coffee Pod

Savour the joys of wonderful, speciality-grade organic coffee without the caffeine or chemical trail...it's so good you won't know it's decaf!

Rich, smooth & chocolatey
Strength 9/12
Ristretto (25ml) or Espresso (35ml) 
Great Taste Awarded 

We introduced the UK's first Swiss Water decaf coffee pod in 2017 and it's been in our range ever since thanks to its rich, smooth brew delivering subtle nutty and chocolate notes for an indulgent cup of coffee any time of the day.
Our Great Taste Award proves it's quality, so read on to find out more and how to improve your sleep without sacrificing your love of coffee thanks to exceptional tasting and plastic free decaf coffee pods for Nespresso ®.

100% Chemical Free, Decaffeinated Naturally

Our Organic speciality-grade Swiss Water Decaf coffee pods for Nespresso® machines are decaffeinated naturally without chemicals thanks to the innovative Swiss Water® process. 

Approximately 80% of decaf coffee has been decaffeinated using the same chemicals found in paint stripper, but our Organic Swiss Water Decaf is 100% chemical free thanks to the innovative Swiss Water Coffee process.

Water, time and temperature are used to create our amazing decaffeinated coffee, with the added environmental benefit that man-made chemicals were not produced or used in the process and you will therefore not be at risk of ingesting any traces. 

Click on the following link if you're asking what is swiss water decaf? 


Caffeine intollerant? No problem  

You'll really love our indulgent Organic Swiss Water decaf coffee in plastic-free pods if you're after all the health benefits of decaf coffee vs regular coffee.

So many of our customers contact us to say how good this coffee is and to report that they don't suffer from caffeine-induced jitters. This is in contrast to many decaf coffees from high stret shops which still contain enough caffeine to have an effect on those who are caffeine intollerant. 

So your daily brew is in good hands with our decaf and, importantly, our Swiss Water decaf coffee capsules for Nespresso machines don't actually taste like a decaf, helping you switch from normal coffee to decaf coffee without sacrificing taste!


Exceptional Quality Guaranteed

Our decaf coffees are decaffeinated using 100% natural methods, with no chemical processes. In particular our Swiss Water Decaf Coffee's caffeine content is systematically controlled and checked to ensure no chemical residues can be found in our organic decaf coffee.


Help Improve Your Relationship With Caffeine

Whether you're caffeine-intollerant or just want to lighten-up your caffeine intake then a caffeine detox or just a 'caffeine reset' could both dramatically help balance your health & wellbeing without sacrificing coffee enjoyment.

If you're asking the question Should I Caffeine Detox Or Not? then our blog post will ensure you don't sacrifice your love of coffee thanks to speciality decaf coffee pods that are compostable, plastic free and plant based.


Caffeine Detox Questions, Benefits & Symptoms

Visit our page with Caffeine Detox Questions, Benefits & Symptoms for everything you need to know about decaf coffee and a caffeine detox.

From cutting back to cutting out, rethinking how you consume caffeine can actually improve how you enjoy your coffee. No matter what though, Decaf is so good theses days that you don’t need to sacrifice your love of coffee.



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