Responsible Coffee: Sailboat - a Greener Way to transport Coffee Beans

Come sail away

Here at Blue Goose Coffee, we aim to connect our customers with only the best and greenest coffee beans. Sustainability and highly artisanal beans are our fore and we are committed to only providing a green method for enjoying coffee. 

However, in our modern era, many shipping methods drop the ball regarding keeping things green and sustainable. That is where sailboat coffee comes in. Keep reading to discover this incredible way of delivering incredible beans- and keep things green as best as one can! Ready to set sail?

What is sailboat coffee?

The concept of sailboat coffee may be especially intriguing for us in our modern and fast-paced world because chances are, many of us do not stop to think about supply chains and how our food and other products reach our tables. 

Most coffee beans today travel from coffee-producing countries to other countries abroad by large cargo ships. The ecological footprint of these large cargo ships is considerable to put it lightly. Instead of fossil-fuel-burning ships that haul massive amounts of beans, sailboat coffee utilizes schooners that run on renewable resources like water and wind currents. The emissions from these coffee sailboat schooners? Nearly zero!

Why sailboats?

The shipping company TOWT is one of the groups out there braving the high seas to bring coffee beans abroad while mitigating their carbon footprint. For those wondering about the specifics of why sailboat coffee is superior to other types of shipping methods:

  •  Less disruptive to sea creatures
  • 100% less methane from sailboats
  • 90% less Co2
  • 92% fewer nitrogen oxides
  • 98% fewer sulfur oxides
  • Wind as a ”fuel” is renewable, virtually inexhaustible, and abundant
  • We can predict wind patterns
  • The wind is rather efficient!
  • Where do these coffee sailboats sail to? 

    TOWT has a ton of routes currently that sail out of Le Havre, France. Some other locations include;

    • New York
    • Quebec
    • Mexico
    • Colombia
    • Brazil
    • The Ivory Coast
    • Ethiopia
    • Shanghai

    How to enjoy sailboat coffee beans

    Luckily, we have some superb sailboat coffee beans ready for you to enjoy. In our Blue Goose Eco Coffee Advent Calendar which contains a selection of Eco Coffee Pods featuring coffees from different countries around the world packed in plastic-free compostable pods and packaging. These pods are certain to bring a lot of Christmas cheer as the beans starring in these pods are all ethically sourced, organic and specialty graded arabica coffees, with a bird-friendly option as well as a coffee that was delivered by sail also featuring. If you are curious to try immaculate beans that taste and smell stunning and are also kind to the earth, its people, and its animals, then this holiday season let Blue Goose help bring in some Christmas cheer!

    Let's set sail!

    Coffee consciousness has been elevated especially with the realisation of climate change and humanity’s need to become more sustainable. Luckily, companies like TOWT have begun exploring different methods of shipping coffee beans. Utilising the ancient art of sailing to help save our future. Also, if you would like to try sailboat-shipped beans firsthand, check out our Blue Goose Eco Coffee Pod Advent Calendar!  

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