Lungo Compostable Coffee Pods

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Our Lungo Compostable Coffee Capsules and eco coffee pod range for Nespresso® machines offers a simple plastic-free swap that tastes exceptional. Compatible with Nespresso® original drop-through machines (excl. Expert), they're produced using renewable energy made using waste wood bark from the European paper industry.

Place them in your council food waste bin (or home compost them but this is extremely dependent on optimal composting conditions and presence of the correct micro-organisms). For more info, visit our “Compostable Coffee Capsule FAQ” page.

From our coffees to our plastic free capsules, our speciality plastic free and compostable coffee pod range proves just how good capsule coffee should taste.

They also contain 10% more of the finest speciality Arabica coffees than standard Nespresso® capsules too, giving you a wonderful mug of pod coffee each and every time without the guilt!

Compatible with Nespresso® original domestic drop-through coffee machines (excl. Expert), our plastic free compostable Lungo coffee pods and capsules can be placed in your food waste collection where they will be processed into compost or liquid fertilizer depending on the facilities used by your local council. For more info, visit our "Compostable Coffee Capsule FAQ" page.

Our oxygen-tight capsules also mean our wonderful range of eco capsule coffees will stay fresh for 12 months, but you'll definitely not wait that long to drink them all up.

Our plastic-free coffee capsules perform even better than Aluminium-compatible pods (non-Nespresso®) that are now commonplace, with no water leakage before the coffee begins to extract.

Farmed sustainably and in harmony with the environment, the premium we pay our growers for their highest-quality speciality coffee beans allows them to invest in their livelihoods, families and communities. Sip by sip you will also be helping us support water and wildlife projects in our origins, including one that protects the Abyssinian Blue-Winged Goose, which is the inspiration for our range and brand!

General Coffee Pod FAQs

Here are a selection of useful FAQs and coffee pod advice, tips and troubleshooting to help you get the best performance from your Nespresso® machine.