Opal One Machine & Eco Coffee Pod Gift Bundle


Fully compatible with our capsules so you don’t have to worry about your pods failing — a common issue when brewing pods from different coffee roasters on a Nespresso machine.

It also includes pre-defined shot buttons for a Ristretto (25ml), Expresso (40ml) or Lungo (100ml), making your espresso extraction even better.

Forms a snug fit around the capsule ensuring any water is pumped fully through the ground coffee. Other machines have a brewing chamber that is made of a rigid plastic which means water often leaks around the sides of the capsule leaving you with a watery, under extracted espresso.

With the hottest setting being ideal for brewing espresso. A lot of other capsule machines have brewing temperatures that don’t even come close to what you need to make a good espresso.

Organic Peruvian: Our speciality-grade organic Peruvian delivers a smooth balanced coffee with a cream like body and flavours of nuts, dark fruits and cacao nibs for a wonderful morning treat or afternoon lift. Nutty, Dark Fruits & Cacao Nibs | Strength 8/12 | Ristretto (25ml) or Espresso (35ml).

Organic Swiss Water Decaf: Decaffeinated naturally without chemicals thanks to the innovative Swiss Water® process, discover a rich, smooth coffee with subtle chocolatey notes, creating an indulgent cup of coffee any time of the day. Rich, smooth & chocolatey | Strength 9/12 | Ristretto (25ml) or Espresso (35ml).

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe: Grown as a 'garden coffee' in smallholder plots in the world-renowned coffee region of Yirgacheffe, a Which? Magazine Best Buy and a 2-Star Great Taste 2020 Award makes this the UK's highest and best-rated Nespresso compatible coffee pod, with one judge saying "delivers amazing flavours" and "this complex and characterful coffee has it!" - Floral, Sweet & Bright | Strength 6/12 | Ristretto (25ml) / Espresso (35ml).

General Coffee Pod FAQs

Here are a selection of useful FAQs and coffee pod advice, tips and troubleshooting to help you get the best performance from your Nespresso® machine.