Coffee Brewing Guides

Coffee Brew Guides

Whether you enjoy our plastic free Nespresso® coffee pods, or brew bean and ground coffees, our coffee brew guides and tips will help you create the perfect Blue Goose cup of coffee every time.

Coffee Brewing Top Tips

Brew Tips & Advice

However you brew, there are a few fundamentals that will help you elevate your brew and create the perfect cup of coffee, your way. Afterall, coffee is a personal thing and the right way is how you like it best.

Nespresso coffee pod brew tips

Find out how to clean your Nespresso® coffee pod machine, plus brewing tips to help create the finest tasting cup of Nespresso coffee.

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Coffee Pod Machine cleaning Capsules

Crucial to great tasting capsule coffee is a clean Nespresso coffee pod machine so we're proud to be the first to offer Clean Bean Nespresso machine cleaning capsules in the UK. They clean out all the grime and bacteria build up in your Nespresso machine and ensure your coffee really does taste exceptional each and every brew!

3 Bean & Ground Coffee Brewing Tips

Remember, coffee is personal and each coffee has its own personality so only by tweaking things will you find that perfect cuppa. So for the first 2-3 brews of any new coffee, we'd definitely recommend tweaking brew time (and grind size if you’ve bought whole bean) so you can pinpoint which 'brew recipe' creates the perfect cup for your taste. Here are 3 top brew guides tips to get you going:

If your coffee tastes too acidic then brew longer (or grind finer if you’ve ordered beans.

If your coffee is too bitter then brew faster (or grind coarser) and don’t leave coffee stewing in your brewer.

Only change 1 thing each brew though, to help you identify which variable to tweak in your pursuit of coffee perfection!

Specific Brew Guides

Detailed Coffee Brew Guides

Take your coffee brewing to new levels with our dedicated brew guides for bean and ground coffee, as well as some Nespresso pod cleaning tips and advice on choosing the right Blue Goose Coffee Pod shot length.