Are your capsules best for an Espresso or Lungo?

To fully appreciate all the complex, and intense flavours our capsule coffees deliver, we'd recommend you first drink them without adding any milk.

Shock horror for those who love a milky coffee, but once you try it you'll soon see why so many people are getting more into their coffee these days as they discover what coffee really should taste like!

You see, to achieve a consistent taste many (most!) capsule companies simply dark roast their beans as it's the only way they can ensure their coffee tastes the same each time. But that means the coffee generally doesn't taste, well...good.

Enjoy an eco-espresso!

If you love a good espresso, then try our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee capsules. Fragrant and clean, you'll love the subtle notes of fruity spice with hints of chocolate. This espresso is more about enjoying a complex mix of flavours than a bitter, dark hit of coffee.

For lungo lovers and milk fans

If you like a long coffee or a good bit of steamed and frothy milk in your coffee, then our Swiss Water decaff and our Peruvian eco coffee capsules are for you (although our Ethiopian capsules also taste great with a splash!).

Don't put too much milk in there though, or you'll mask the more subtle flavours and it'll be more akin to high street coffee, aka warmed milk hehehe...

Our Peruvian will give a smooth, syrupy lungo with hints of cocoa. Weird to think you'll taste all of these flavours in a coffee isn't it...but that's what a lighter roast and quality coffee bean will bring to the table, versus overly-roasted beans.

Our Swiss Water Decaff coffee capsules will give you a slightly indulgent lungo without the caffeine kick.

Whichever you choose, have a lovely guilt-free mug of the good stuff!