Coffee Pod Supply - Changes & Challenges

Apr 25th

Our fulfilment partner worked quickly 😅 and normal service has been resumed with our Lungo and Ethiopian pods now available for order and immediate despatch.

Apr 24th

Our new stock of Lungo and Ethiopian pods arrived with our fulfilment partner today so as soon as they get checked in, we'll be good to go! We'll send an email as soon as the shelves have been restocked and then orders can be made for immediate despatch. 📦

April 11th

They are one their way! 🚚

Our Lungo and Ethiopian pods left the factory yesterday and are now on their way and due to arrive with us next week. We'll then get them off to our fulfilment partner which means the new stock should be ready for despatch the week of the 22nd April. If you want to pre-order yours now, you can and we'll get them off to you as soon as we can. 

We're still waiting to get final confirmation of the date for the organic audit but hopefully that shouldn't be more than 2-3 weeks away. Once the audit has been done we can then proceed to encapsulate our Organic Peruvian and Organic Swiss Water coffees and then the range will be complete! 

April 5th

To all our wonderful customers:

Fantastic news! I'm pleased to confirm that our Lungo and Ethiopian coffees will be back available for purchase by the end of April - and with luck by the end of the week ending the 26th.

That said, I also want to give you a better insight into the problems we've been experiencing as a business in regards to our eco capsule supply so that you all have a better understanding of why we have been out of stock for so long.

At the beginning of the year, our encapsulator (the people who put our coffee in our pods) notified us of a change to the premises where they would be encapsulating our coffees. This sadly triggered a requirement for an organic audit which we were led to believe would be completed before the end of January.

January came and went and at the end of January with still no confirmed date for the audit, I made the decision to split the production of our pods and proceed with the production of our non-organic coffees - our Ethiopian and Lungo pods - even though this would increase the overall cost to us.

Even with this decision however, we have still not been able to make progress as quickly as I'd have wanted. In a typical Murphy's Law scenario, another big problem cropped up which meant our packaging did not fit on our supplier's new auto-packaging line - even though we had been assured it would - and after various fruitless attempts it was decided the only way forward would be for our cartons to be hand packed. As you can no doubt appreciate, this delayed things even further and extended total production time massively.

The good news is that this job is now almost completed meaning we will at least have our Lungo and Ethiopian back available for purchase within a few weeks. We have also been told that there has now been a date advised for the organic audit at the end of April, which should mean the remaining two organic coffees from our core range should then be available a couple of weeks after that.

I will continue to post updates on this blog post as I get them so that there is a central place where you can all check the latest. 

To sign off, I just want to take this opportunity to apologise for the huge inconvenience this has caused to you all and thank you for your patience to date. We've received some very supportive words from many of you during this time which has helped enormously. It has been a very challenging and frustrating time for us as a business but as they say, what doesn't break you, makes you stronger and we've definitely taken many learnings from this situation.

Thank you again and my very best to you all.

Nick - Founder, Blue Goose Coffee