5 Reasons Why You Need a Bean Bag in Your Home

Following last week’s launch of our eco-homeware collection, we thought we'd shine the spotlight on our stunning range of bean-bags and explore why every home could do with one (or two)!

Reason 1: Ultimate Comfort & Relaxation

Unlike traditional chairs and sofas with fixed frames, bean-bags mould to your body and shape, providing unparalleled comfort. Some furniture may claim to be ergonomic, but its rigid form means that the ability to mould to your shape is limited. A bean-bag is one of the most ergonomic forms of seating available, and thus supremely comfortable.

Reason 2: Versatile & Portable

Bean bags allow you to sit in any position that’s comfortable for you, whether lounging, cross-legged or reclining. Being lightweight, they're also portable! This makes them the perfect seating to pull out when extra guests pop round. They're adaptable too - use bean-bags in bedrooms, living rooms or outside in the garden on sunny days. Our cubed bean-bags also make great coffee tables with the simple addition of a tray…and some freshly made Blue Goose coffee of course!

Reason 3: Safe & Durable

It’s practically impossible to break a bean-bag! And unlike traditional furniture with hard edges and sharp corners, bean-bags pose minimal risk of injury, especially if you have young children or pets in your home.
 Pet Beds for your Dogs & Cats - Made from 100% Hessian Coffee Sacks
Talking of pets - cats and dogs love bean-bags (have you seen our pet beds?) and the durability of the hessian fabric is ideal for their sharp claws.

Reason 4: Cost Effective Seating

Compared to traditional furniture, bean-bags are an extremely cost-effective seating solution, offering comfort and style at a fraction of the price of armchairs, sofas and other seating.

Reason 5: Excellent Environmental Choice

Our upcycled hessian bean-bags are environmentally friendly in more ways than one: as well as being made from repurposed coffee sacks (saving these from landfill), they don’t require the felling of any trees for their wood (like standard furniture).
Some bean-bags can present an environmental issue with their fillings. Typically, most beanbags are filled with polystyrene, a petroleum-based plastic. Polystyrene is a non-renewable resource and once created, it can last for hundreds of years. As a non-biodegradable substance, it is very difficult to recycle or repurpose and is commonly disposed of through landfill, where it breaks down into tiny particles. It is also a major contributor to plastic pollution in our marine environments, where it can enter the food chain, harming wildlife and ultimately being consumed. 
Knowing this to be a major issue, as part of new range we have sourced a plant-based alternative to expanded polystyrene called BioFoam®, which looks similar but is made from vegetable materials rather than petroleum based plastic.