UK’s First Eco Coffee Pod Advent Calendar For Nespresso® Machines Launched

Blue Goose Coffee is taking festive coffee gifting into a new eco dimension this Christmas by launching the UK’s first Eco Coffee Pod Advent Calendar for Nespresso ® machines.

Entirely plastic free, it features ethically-sourced and organic coffees in home-compostable Nespresso compatible capsules, with lucky recipients experiencing a range of speciality grade coffees featuring compelling environmental and people stories, including the world’s first Sail Ship Coffee and the world’s first Bird Friendly® coffee in Nespresso-compatible pods.

Some calendars will even include hidden Golden Goose Eggs that unlock prizes, from free coffee subscriptions to Nespresso machines.

The first entirely aluminium and plastic-free coffee pod Advent calendar of its kind, even the calendar itself is plastic free, crafted from sustainably sourced board and printed using vegetable inks, making it 100% kerbside recyclable and home compostable.  

So if you’re looking for an exceptional tasting festive coffee gift that really does tick all the ethical & eco boxes this Christmas then look no further by visiting  


Key Highlights Include:

  • Includes 2 world-first Nespresso-compatible pod coffees, including a Sail Ship coffee from Columbia and a world-first Bird Friendly® coffee.
  • All coffees are Organic certified, maximising biodiversity and minimising fertiliser-associated emissions in the field - Organic, shade grown coffee reduces CO2 emissions by 15kg CO2e p/KG of coffee grown versus non-organic grown coffee.
  • Vegan & vegetarian friendly coffee - find out more thanks to our Vegan Coffee: What Is It And What Does “Vegan Coffee” Mean? blog
  • Awarded by the Free From Christmas Awards 
  • Featuring new home compostable-certified coffee pods that are plastic and aluminium-free
  • Calendars made using sustainably sourced board, printed using vegetable inks with no glue used
  • Nespresso compatible coffee pod Advent Calendar Stockists: Stocked in Selfridges Oxford Street and UK wide delivery via



World’s First Sail Ship Coffee Pod for Nespresso Machines

Tasting notes: Caramel & hazelnuts

We’ve created a world-first in our sail ship coffee pod (find out more about Sail Ship Coffee in our blog post here).

Filled with organic, Fairtrade coffee grown by 4 indigenous communities in Columbia’s Sierra Nevada region, this coffee was transported to Europe on a 1920s sail ship, saving 3483kg of CO2 versus a container ship (the equivalent emissions of an 18,000km car journey). Follow the journey via   

Highlights: Organic. Women in Coffee. FairTrade. Sailship.

This page documents the specific voyage including imagery, maps and stats: (it’s in French but google translate does a good job)


World’s First Bird-Friendly Nespresso compatible coffee pod

Tasting notes: Honey, orange & hazelnuts.

Not one but two…this is the world’s first Bird Friendly® coffee in a Nespresso-compatible pod! Our Honduran Clave De Sol coffee is helping preserve critical habitat for birds and wildlife, fight climate change, protect biodiversity and support farmers committed to conservation and sustainable farming too. All this in one delicious cup.

Highlights: Organic. Women in Coffee. Bird Friendly® certified.


Award-winning Peruvian Nespresso compatible pod

Tasting notes: Chocolate and dark fruits.

A favourite among our customers, we buy this coffee at the price dictated by our farmers in Peru’s northern mountains. No commodity market influences. No market speculation. Simple, direct, traceable and sustainable for people and planet.

Highlights: Organic. Great Taste Awarded.


Ethiopian Forest Coffee Nespresso compatible pod

Tasting notes: Bright, fruity aromas & citrusy flavours

This shade-grown coffee is nurtured under the canopy of huge ancient trees in the wild forests of Ethiopia’s Oromia region by a 3rd generation farming family on wild coffee plants sourced from the Choché forest, which is considered the very birthplace of coffee.

Highlights: Organic. Forest Coffee.


Bolivian Aymara Coffee Project Nespresso compatible pod

Tasting notes: Citrus, caramel & vanilla.

Our Aymaran coffee represents a direct fight against consultants advising the Yungas people of Bolivia to strip their coffee plantations of any biodiversity and use man-made crop chemicals. So enjoy notes of citrus & caramel knowing you’re supporting and defending organic & sustainable agriculture.

Highlights: Organic. Community action. Sustainable agriculture


Swiss Water Decaf Nespresso compatible pod

Tasting notes: Full bodied & chocolatey

We launched the UK’s first Swiss Water® Decaf pod in 2017 and it’s been a top seller ever since. Grown organically in Peru, it is naturally decaffeinated without the paint-stripper solvents commonly used in over 50% of the world’s decafs. It’s so good you won’t know it’s decaf!

Highlights: Organic. Solvent-free. Great Taste Awarded.


Sumatran Shere Khan Nespresso compatible pod

Tasting notes: Round, syrupy body with vanilla notes.

This wonderful coffee is grown under the shade of tropical forests by a women’s coffee cooperative in Sumatra’s Gayo Mountains, also home to birds, monkeys and Sumatra’s famous but critically endangered ‘Shere Khan’ tigers.

Highlights: Organic. Shade Grown. Women in Coffee.


Santa Isabel Guatemala Compostable Coffee Pod

Tasting notes: Bold, clean and fruity notes

Not content with growing this shade-grown coffee organically, 4th generational family farmers the Kellers are growing to Biodynamic standards, creating the entire farm’s organic compost and natural fertilisers on site. They also have a farm-based doctor & educational programme for workers & their families.

Highlights: Organic & Biodynamic. Education & medical programme.


Find out more and purchase your festive coffee gift that really does tick all the ethical & eco boxes this Christmas by visiting  visiting  



Why Blue Goose?

TASTE > Exceptional quality, proven by our awards and accolades

PIONEERING > Leading the way in eco-packaging adoption

VALUES >  Sustainable & ethical sourcing is at the heart of everything we do, with charity support & carbon initiatives underlining our values-driven approach

BRAND > A future-proofed eco brand to engage today's coffee lovers and conscious consumers, where independent farm shops & Delis can piggyback everything eco we are doing for their own benefit.