The most important Organic September yet...

This Organic September couldn’t be more important to help raise awareness of the benefits of organic and make it the biggest one yet - something we’re excited to support to help promote Organic Coffee, no matter who you buy it from. 

Last year undoubtedly brought about a lot of uncertainty and worry for people all around the world. For many, this has led to them looking for ways to help re-balance their lives and health as well as doing their bit to restore nature, reduce their carbon footprint and help support a better future for our planet. 

Sourcing Organic products, such as organic coffee, is just one way to help nurture nature and preserve our wildlife, our planet and at the same time tackle climate change.

From its inception, Blue Goose Coffee has always been about putting people and planet before profits. 

Our ethos of embracing green technologies in our capsules and packaging also match our eco-credentials when it comes to sourcing our Organic coffees. 

In the coffee industry, large scale coffee production often relies on deforestation and the heavy use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides at a cost to the planet. 


Not us though! All our compostable coffee pods are made using renewable energy and natural materials and we’re proud to source our Speciality Grade Arabica coffees from smallholder farming cooperatives and growers who we pay a premium price beyond the Fairtrade Minimum Price. As well as giving our growers a greater income, this money supports them in building more sustainable livelihoods for their families and the local communities into the future. 

Sourcing our speciality coffees in this sustainable way also supports the planet, the environment and the local wildlife. Our growers are continually looking to improve the quality of their beans and command higher prices, meaning they invest in sound and environmentally friendly farming practices which also results in improving the local biodiversity as they do it.

Whether you’re new to the world of organic coffee or are a diehard advocate, this Organic September why not make one small swap to help make a world of difference. 

For a morning treat or afternoon lift, our Organic Peruvian eco coffee pods offer a smooth balanced coffee with hints of fruit and spice. Or if you’re looking for a rich organic coffee that you can enjoy at any time of day, our Organic Swiss Water Decaf could be just for you. With medium to high acidity, a rich smooth body and subtle notes of chocolate, this coffee is decaffeinated naturally and without chemicals thanks to the innovative Swiss Water process. All are avbvailable in our plastic free Nespresso pods or as bean and ground in our compostable pouches. We also offer a Mountain Water Decaf coffee in plastic-free coffee pouches from season to season

The time is now for organic so if you’re looking for the best quality organic coffee while supporting those who grow it then Blue Goose eco-coffee pods are for you!