WellWishers Ethiopia - our chosen water charity

You can be forgiven for missing #WorldWaterDay a few weeks ago as it happened just as the UK faced the Covid-19 challenge and Lockdown, but the importance of fresh and safe water across the globe has never been more apparent. Which is why we're still determined to support our chosen water charity and wildlife projects in our coffee origins, in particularly WellWishers water charity.

Wellwishers Ethiopian Water Charity Blue Goose Coffee

Their work helping villages dig wells by hand to source safe, clean water has seen them fund water supplies for 842 village communities since they began. It's an incredible achievement and one you are helping with every sip you take from your mug of Blue Goose coffee, so here's a little more about what they do and how you are helping us support them.

Ethiopia is known as the birthplace of coffee and of course is home to the Abyssinian Blue Winged Goose, so supporting a charity in this country was a priority for Nick and I. Especially as coffee production uses a lot of water. We wanted to give back to the people who grow and harvest our Ethiopian coffee.

Wellwishers - providing water and hand dug wells to rural Ethiopia

WellWishers water charity really stood out for the simple yet highly effective support and training they give to villages in Ethiopia to hand dig wells. Rather than huge operating costs, equipment and overheads, they have a very straightforward program where they raise the funds and then work with a local Ethiopian non-government organisation, the Relief Society of Tigray (REST) to carry out the construction of the hand dug wells, in coordination with the villages.

Founded by Ross and Marianne Allan in 2002, so far, 722 hand dug water wells have been constructed, providing clean permanent domestic water for 282,154 villagers in northern Ethiopia. Every $6800 (Australian dollars) of WellWishers support provides a village with clean permanent nearby water, eliminating water-borne diseases that cause high infant mortality, saving lives and providing new opportunities - especially for women and girls.

In 2019 they achieved more great things and we are proud to support them to help them continue this amazing work in the Tigray and Oromia regions of Ethiopia. Here is an update from their latest 'Manager's Report':

Tigray: northern Ethiopia

Wellwishers Ethiopian Water Charity Blue Goose Coffee 
  • 28 new hand dug wells constructed
  • 12 hand dug wells rehabilitated
  • 40 WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) Committees established
  • 240 WASH Committee members trained
  • 40 villages engaged in improved hygiene and sanitation behaviour.

"Because WellWishers supporters have given generously again this year, we are encouraged to plan funding at a similar level in 2020. At the end of 2019 we will have funded water supplies for 842 village communities since WellWishers began."

Wellwishers Ethiopian Water Charity Blue Goose Coffee

Oromia: southern Ethiopia

"Our local partner, the Meki division of Ethiopian Catholic Church Social Development Office is working with local villagers to construct a spring cap at Kelo Tulu in Negele Arsi District. This tank will collect clean water for 2542 villagers. It is a project similar to the spring-capping WellWishers funded in Bombasso Reji Kebele, 300km south of Addis Ababa. Across Ethiopia we will have funded accessible clean water for over 310,000 Ethiopians since 2003. A great effort from our WellWishers family!

In Australia we function without paid staff, relying on committed volunteers to assist with fundraising, publicity and administration.

Our income for the year to June 30, 2019 was $296,135, and our expenses were $5,369, keeping our overheads below 2%. We forwarded $307,311 to Ethiopia for our valuable program work, absorbing some of our small reserve. We should aim to continue funding at this level in 2020."

A little help goes a long way - Supporting WellWishers water charity

Wellwishers Ethiopian Water Charity Blue Goose Coffee

"$30 will help our water charity ensure a permanent supply of clean domestic water for someone in northern Ethiopia, $150 supplies a whole family with water. Behind these figures is a lot of voluntary support and effort and goodwill both here and in Ethiopia. Thank you for your continued support."

So if you want to find out more, donate independently (as well as by drinking Blue Goose coffee) then visit WellWishers website and feel good about doing good.

Lex & Nick
Co-founders, Blue Goose Coffee