Upcycling - Giving things a second life

Here at Blue Goose, we’re always looking at different ways to reduce waste and improve our environmental impact. Whether that’s through our compostable Nespresso compatible pods and the compostable packaging used for our ground and bean coffees, or the recyclable outer packaging we use to despatch all our orders and the coffee that we transport via sail ship saving thousands of kilos of CO2.

As a coffee roaster, as you can imagine, we go through quite a large number of coffee sacks each year. Indeed if you add up all the bags in circulation, according to the ICO, annual consumption currently stands at a little over 170 million bags a year - which is a pretty sizeable number!

These big hessian sacks, with colourful printed designs representing their origins, are synonymous with coffee and are still the default choice for transporting coffee around the world. However, once the bags have been opened and the green coffee beans have been roasted, the hessian sacks are no longer needed. But instead of discarding them, we wanted to come up with a way they could be reused and given a second life.

Upcycling Ideas - Creatively reusing items to produce something new and unique

Upcycling – what is it?

Upcycling is about turning waste into something new. It’s a creative and environmentally beneficial process where items that would normally be discarded are transformed to give them a new lease of life. Unlike recycling, which breaks down materials to create something new, upcycling creatively reuses materials in their current form to produce something unique, often with a new purpose. This practice not only reduces waste and the demand for new raw materials but also encourages innovative design and sustainable consumption. By giving a second life to items that might otherwise end up in landfill, upcycling plays a crucial role in promoting environmental sustainability and inspiring a more thoughtful approach to the resources we consume and dispose of in our daily lives.

The Genesis of an Idea - Crafting Eco-Chic Homeware

The idea was born from a simple observation: the hessian sacks, with their rugged charm and durable material, were too valuable to be discarded. Seeing them piled up, we realised these sacks had the potential for a second life, one that could contribute to reducing waste and promoting eco-friendly practices. It was one of those lightbulb moments for us, marking the beginning of an upcycling initiative that has evolved into our soon to be released collection of homeware items made from repurposed hessian coffee sacks.

The Eco-Chic Collection

The collection includes bean bags and cushion covers perfect for adding a rustic touch to any living space, as well as stylish bags that serve as a bit of a statement piece for the eco-conscious shopper.

Transforming these sacks into beautiful, functional items for the home wasn't just about reusing; it was about reimagining. Each piece will carry the story of its origin, designed to blend seamlessly into modern living spaces while maintaining its unique character.

By giving these hessian sacks a new lease of life, we're not just creating homeware; we're making a statement about the importance of sustainability and the power of innovative thinking. It's a reflection of our commitment to not only minimising our environmental impact but also inspiring a movement towards more sustainable living practices.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. Together, we're not just changing the way we think about waste; we're reimagining the possibilities for a sustainable world.