Keep those resolutions going with a decaf coffee that really is better for you and the planet!

A health kick doesn’t have to mean comprising on the things you love, especially when it comes to great tasting decaf coffee. 

If your resolutions this year were to look after your health and to consciously reduce your impact on our wonderful planet then our Swiss Water Decaf coffees in compostable pods as well as compostable pouches filled with whole bean and ground Swiss Water Decaf coffees could be just what you’re looking for to keep your pledge going well into 2020!   

So, if you’re trying to cut down on your caffeine intake as part of a healthier focused 2020, our speciality grade, organic, single-origin Swiss Water Decaf pods mean you no longer have to endure a mug of insipid instant decaf coffee. 

Blue Goose Swiss Water Pods Flavour Profile

Instead, you can now enjoy a rich decaf coffee with a lovely body and subtle notes of chocolate, fruit and caramel at any time of the day - who said sticking to resolutions had to be tough!?

And, if you didn’t think it could get much better, unlike 80% of decaffeinated coffees on the market that are put through a decaffeination process that uses the same chemicals found in paint stripper (yes, that’s right!), our decaf coffee uses the Swiss Water decaffeination process which simply combines spring water, temperature and time. The results…a delicious upgrade from the horrid instant decaf you thought you always enjoyed! 

Our co-founder Lex explains “…when we set up Blue Goose Coffee, we wanted to prove just how good capsule coffee, and in particular decaf capsule coffee, should taste without compromising on our ethical approach to business. So, we naturally selected speciality grade and organic Swiss Water decaf coffee to go into our eco pods, for which we pay our growers a premium beyond the Fairtrade Minimum Price”. 

Blue Goose Coffee is not just about being the healthier option though, the Eco Pod range is also vegetarian and vegan approved and offers a sustainable alternative to aluminum and plastic capsules that will take around 200-500 years to degrade in landfill. Unlike the majority of the coffee capsules on the market, our coffee capsules are certified plastic-free and GM-free and are made from wood bark produced using renewable energy and waste wood bark from the European paper industry. 

Once you’ve enjoyed your coffee, you can dispose of the empty pods in your food waste collection bins and within 12 weeks they will be processed into compost or liquid fertilizer. 

So, not only does our Swiss Water Decaf coffee minimise the production and use of man-made industrial chemicals, but our whole eco capsule range represents a delicious, sustainable and ethical coffee experience that is good for you and our planet. 

It’s the ultimate coffee convenience without the conscience if you’re looking for a caffeine-free and more sustainable 2020!