BACK SOON! Organic Pod Gift Selection Box


Coffee Pod Gift Selection Box

Treat the coffee lovers in your life to 40 exceptional-tasting coffee pods.

Delivered in our letterbox friendly pack, each contains 8 compostable bags filled with 5 pods of each coffee detailed below.

These including our best-selling Organic Peruvian & Organic Swiss Water Decaf coffee pods (both of which are available in Bulk Box formats too).

Also included is a leaflet detailing the unique environmental, ethical & people stories behind each coffee as you sip your way through the selection.

What better coffee gift could there be?!

100-pod Bulk Boxes

The coffees in our selection box are also available in 100-pod Bulk Boxes as pictured which are the perfect way to keep topped up while saving money and waste.

A handy opening will keep the pods flowing so select your preferred origin above, check out and we'll get your pods in the post!

You can find them on their own product pages here: Organic Honduran 'Bird Friendly' Coffee Pods// Organic Guatemalan 'Biodynamic' Coffee Pods // Organic Sumatran 'Shere Khan' Coffee Pods // Organic Colombian 'Sail Ship' Coffee Pods


Here are some of the reviews our Coffee Pod Gift Selection Boxes have already received:

"Hi Lex, I love all of them! I put the leaflet on my fridge with the different types of coffees and I marked each with a “+” if I liked them. Guess what, they all got “+”! I was also really surprised by the delicious taste of the decaf one.
So, here I go again, a second order 😊"