Organic Swiss Water Decaf Compostable Coffee Pods


Approximately 80% of decaf coffee has been decaffeinated using the same chemicals found in paint stripper, but our Organic Swiss Water Decaf is 100% chemical free thanks to the innovative Swiss Water Coffee process.

Water, time and temperature are used to create our amazing decaffeinated coffee, with the added environmental benefit that man-made chemicals were not produced or used in the process and you will therefore not be at risk of ingesting any traces.

Our Nespresso® compatible plastic free pods are filled with speciality grade coffees from around the world and prove just how good capsule coffee *should* taste. They also contain 10% more coffee than standard Nespresso capsules. Don’t take our word for it though as our full-bodied Swiss Water Decaf coffee pod's rich flavours have earned it:

Our Swiss Water Decaf Coffee Pods scored 14/15 by the highly respected and famous judging panel, who said "The aroma is wonderfully inviting as soon as you engage the Nespresso® pod machine, more so than similar decaf pods on the market. The first sip is immediately fruity and nutty, with a brilliant tang. This gives way to a more mellow, creamy afternote. Fantastically balanced and very good."

Our Swiss water decaf compostable Nespresso®-compatible coffee pods have also won a Great Taste Award, loving its "Rich mouthfeel, crema and deep tasting notes."

COMPOSTABLE COFFEE PODS: Compatible with Nespresso® original domestic drop-through coffee machines (excl. Expert), our Blue Goose Swiss Water Decaf coffee pods and capsules can be placed in your food waste collection where they will be processed into compost or liquid fertilizer depending on the facilities used by your local council. For more info, visit our "Compostable Coffee Capsule FAQ" page.

FRESHNESS: Our oxygen-tight capsules also mean our wonderful range of eco capsule coffees will stay fresh for 12 months, but you'll definitely not wait that long to drink them all up.

CAPSULE PERFORMANCE GUARANTEED: Our plastic-free coffee capsules perform even better than Aluminium-compatible pods (non-Nespresso®) that are now commonplace, with no water leakage before the coffee begins to extract.

To prove this, the GREAT BRITISH FOOD AWARDS 2022 judging panel confirmed "From a practical standpoint, the pods were very easy to use and worked well in the machine. Sometimes compostable pods go soggy and get stuck in the machine, or add a slightly cardboard taste to the coffee, but we didn’t experience any of these problems."

Farmed organically and in harmony with the environment, the premium we pay our growers for their highest-quality speciality coffee beans allows them to invest in their livelihoods, families and communities.
Sip by sip you will also be helping us support water and wildlife projects in our origins.

General Coffee Pod FAQs

Here are a selection of useful FAQs and coffee pod advice, tips and troubleshooting to help you get the best performance from your Nespresso® machine.