Colombian Sugarcane Decaf Coffee - Bean & Ground


The sugarcane decaffeination process is a method used to extract caffeine from coffee beans using a naturally occurring compound found in sugarcane. Here are some of the advantages of the sugarcane decaffeination process:

Natural and sustainable: Sugarcane is grown and harvested, primarily for sugar production. The use of a compound derived from sugarcane makes the decaffeination process more environmentally friendly compared to other methods that may involve synthetic solvents. Instead the process utilises a renewable resource and avoids the need for chemical extraction.

Retention of flavour and aroma: The sugarcane decaffeination process is known for preserving the natural flavour and aroma of the coffee beans. The selective removal of caffeine minimises the impact on other compounds responsible for the taste and fragrance of coffee.

Positive economic impact: Predominantly used in regions where sugarcane cultivation is prevalent, such as Brazil and Colombia, the sugarcane decaffeination process supports the sugarcane industry by providing an additional market for its by-products. Furthermore, this process aligns with the sustainability initiatives of these countries. By utilising a by-product of the sugarcane industry, the decaffeination process supports the local economy and promotes a circular economy approach. It minimises waste and maximises the use of resources, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly coffee production.

We roast our coffees each week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays as well as then grind to order. All orders that include ground and bean coffees will be sent the day they are roasted.

Our whole range of vibrant speciality coffees, including our Colombian Sugarcane Decaf, are small-batch roasted to perfection, helping you create delicious barista-quality coffee at home or at work.

Sip by sip you’ll experience the individual personality and ‘terroir’ of the beans that have been nurtured by our smallholder farmers using sustainable farming techniques that allow biodiversity and wildlife to thrive. The quality of the beans mean our farmers dictate their price that’s well above the Fairtrade minimum price. No stock market pricing, no speculation. Simple, direct, traceable and sustainable.

You’re also supporting our chosen water and wildlife charities with every brew so thank you for helping us prove that purpose-driven coffee really does taste better in every way!

Bean & Ground Coffee FAQs

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