Limited Edition Christmas Ground & Bean Coffee (Seasonal)


The snow-capped peaks of the high Rwenzori mountains in Uganda are the backdrop to the small farms producing some of the worlds most exceptional and complex coffees. Rather than the usual Christmas 'blend', our single-origin Christmas coffee is a real exception, grown at high altitude in the 'Mountains of the Moon', as the Rwenzoris are known. Hand-harvested by our farmers, select lots of fresh coffee cherries are brought down from the mountains and dried naturally under the sun on raised 'African beds'.

"The altitude combined with natural drying process produces one of the most fragrant, complex and delicious coffees I've tried. You don't get many single-origin Christmas coffees so this is definitely a unique way to inject some festive coffee joy into your day!"

Our whole range of vibrant speciality coffees, are small-batch roasted to perfection, helping you create delicious barista-quality coffee at home or at work. Sip by sip you’ll experience the individual personality and ‘terroir’ of the beans that have been nurtured by our smallholder farmers using sustainable farming techniques that allow biodiversity and wildlife to thrive. You’re also supporting our chosen water and wildlife charities with every brew so thank you for helping us prove that purpose-driven coffee really does taste better in every way!

Bean & Ground Coffee FAQs

Here are some coffee Brewing tips and FAQs to refine your cup of coffee however you brew