Mountain Water Decaf Coffee - Bean & Ground (Seasonal)


Grown in Mexico's Chiapas region using organic farming practices. It is home to Tacaná volcano which is Central America’s second-highest peak at 4060 mt. The climate is therefore optimal for producing quality coffee among the biodiverse hills and valleys of the region. By buying our coffee, you're also helping us continue the work of our Farmer who funds and runs a pre-school and elementary education program, helping improve the livelihoods of all those in the region.

We roast our coffees each week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays as well as then grind to order. All orders that include ground and bean coffees will be sent the day they are roasted.

Unlike the reported 80 per cent of decaffeinated coffees on the market that undergo a decaffeination process that uses the same man made chemicals & solvents found in paint stripper, only water is used to gently remove the caffeine from the green beans and create our delicious decaf without the caffeine kick or chemical trail.

It joins our hugely popular Swiss Water Organic decaf, available in our eco Nespresso compatible pods as well as bean ground too. Combined, both our Water Decaf coffees minimise the production, use and discarding of man-made industrial chemicals but it also hasn't been through such horrible substances before it ends up in your daily mug of coffee. So if you’ve made a resolution to live a more healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle, or choose not to drink caffeinated coffees, you can rest easy and relax when enjoying our Mountain Water whole bean and ground decaf coffee. So join us and keep asking the right questions in the journey towards a tastier, more sustainable mug of coffee, whether caffeinated or decaf.

Our whole range of vibrant speciality coffees, including our Flight House Blend, are small-batch roasted to perfection, helping you create delicious barista-quality coffee at home or at work.

Sip by sip you’ll experience the individual personality and ‘terroir’ of the beans that have been nurtured by our smallholder farmers using sustainable farming techniques that allow biodiversity and wildlife to thrive. The quality of the beans mean our farmers dictate their price that’s well above the Fairtrade minimum price. No stock market pricing, no speculation. Simple, direct, traceable and sustainable.

You’re also supporting our chosen water and wildlife charities with every brew so thank you for helping us prove that purpose-driven coffee really does taste better in every way!

Bean & Ground Coffee FAQs

Here are some coffee Brewing tips and FAQs to refine your cup of coffee however you brew