Christmas Coffee & Spoon Gift Bundle


Format: Choose ground or Beans (both 200g) Profile: Rum-raisin ~ Nutmeg ~ Shortbread Body: 4/5 Sweetness: 4/5 Acidity: 3/5 Roast: Medium Brewing: Cafetiere Filter / Your choice is selecting beans Packaging: Plastic-free compostable pouch The snow-capped peaks of the high Rwenzori mountains are the backdrop to the small farms producing some of the worlds most exceptional and complex coffees. Rather than the usual Christmas 'blend', our single-origin Christmas coffee is a real exception, grown at high altitude in the 'Mountains of the Moon', as the Rwenzoris are known. Hand-harvested by our farmers, select lots of fresh coffee cherries are brought down from the mountains and dried naturally on raised African beds for 3 weeks. Lex's opinion: "The altitude combined with natural drying process produces one of the most fragrant, complex and delicious coffees I've tried. You don't get many single-origin Christmas coffees so this is definitely a unique way to inject some festive coffee joy into your day!"

Our Christmas Coffee gift bundle includes this stunning scoop measure spoon, made of stainless steel for a lovely weighty feel. Long-lasting and durable yet beautiful thanks to its polished black finish makes this the perfect Christmas coffee gift bundle alongside our delicious coffee of course! This Barista Co coffee measuring scoop spoon has been specially designed and developed to improve the functionalities of a traditional measure spoon. Featuring a unique ‘scoop’ design with a tapered edge, the measure marks in the scoop itself make it perfect for measuring a 6ml teaspoon or 15ml tablespoon of ground coffee and liquids or to use to accurately dose coffee with weighing scales. The heat resistant non-slip extended silicone handle means you can easily reach the bottom of any bag and then using the internal measure marks, accurately measure coffee or liquids at the first time of asking. Simple but effective, this is a must have accessory for everyone's kitchen. Spoon dimensions 17.5cm Long x 4.1cm wide x 2.5cm high Spoon comes in a box with usage instructions

Bean & Ground Coffee FAQs

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