Swiss Water Decaf & One Brew Gift Bundle


By allowing your coffee to brew and settle for between 5 and 8 minutes you will get more flavour from the coffee and by following the 15 to 20 second slow pour you can also enjoy a cleaner coffee without losing the velvety texture associated with cafetiere coffee press coffee.

Check out our cafetiere & french press brew guide to make the most of this lovely coffee brewer.

The medical grade stainless steel filter and silicone seal means that the One Brew is incredibly versatile and can be used at home, in the office or camping for cold brew, hot coffee, loose leaf tea and even iced tea, all without the need for paper filters.

The silicone base protects your surface and the coffee maker from breakage and the BPA free materials are all reusable, recyclable and dishwasher safe while the thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass is easy to clean and won't taint the favour of your favourite coffee.

Designed as a single serve coffee maker so you always brew fresh, the One Brew has the same capacity as a standard 3 cup (350ml / 1 Mug) cafetière. All you have to do is add ground coffee, leave to brew, insert the filter straight and pour, no need for a press filter.

The filter lid has an angular shape so when finished it can be removed and held to collect the grounds in or placed upside down in the sink to allow the water to drain from the used coffee before being disposed of or composted.

In our bean & ground Swiss Water decaf coffees, you'll experience a rich, smooth coffee with subtle chocolatey notes, creating an indulgent cup of coffee at any time of the day, without the worry of sleepless nights or caffeine jitters!

That's because our organically grown speciality-grade Swiss Water Coffees - also available in our plastic-free Nespresso® Compatible coffee pods - are decaffeinated naturally and without chemicals thanks to the innovative Swiss Water® process.

Quite simply, by seeking out water decaffeinated coffees, you are not only ensuring the decaf coffee you enjoy contains no chemical trace elements, but you are also helping reduce the production and use of man-made industrial chemicals required to decaffeinate the estimated 80% of decaf coffees that use chemicals.

Enjoying speciality grade Swiss Water decaf is also the perfect way to enjoy the best of both caffeine worlds, indulging in caffeinated cuppas before lunchtime before switching to decaf in the afternoon so you're caffeine-free by early evening. You'll not only significantly boost the quality of your sleep but you'll also reduce anxiety levels at the end of a long day.

Bean & Ground Coffee FAQs

Here are some coffee Brewing tips and FAQs to refine your cup of coffee however you brew